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What Does a Postpartum Doula Do?

by | Jan 31, 2016 | Doulas, Newborns, The Postpartum Period

You have heard the term newborn care specialist, you know what a night nurse does, and you’re pretty sure you would love a nanny, so what does a postpartum doula do? How do they fit in to your postpartum experience?

They Can Make You Feel Like a Million Bucks

Crash into your freshly made bed after telling your postpartum doula whether you want her to bring your baby in for feedings then let you blissfully fall back asleep while she changes the diaper, re-swaddles, and rocks your little baby back to sleep or whether you want her to completely take over nighttime care. While you peacefully sleep, your postpartum doula is listening to every grunt, squeak, and coo while she washes the dishes, folds your laundry, and tidy’s up the remnants from your day. She works on natural and simple ways 

to get your baby to sleep longer stretches until morning where she meets you tucked in bed with coffee and breakfast and makes sure you’re ready to start your day on the best note. Whether you are bottle feeding or breastfeeding, you don’t have to feel like a “mombie” during the day because you were up all night.

They Make Sure Your Family’s Bellies are Full

Have you ever had those days where you get out of bed with your newborn at noon only to realize you haven’t eaten all day? You postpartum doula makes sure that every member of your family is fed, including you. She works with you to plan weekly meals that she can cook daily or be added to your freezer stash for a later date, all while noting your likes, dislikes, and preferences so you can be sure you and your family are being fed the best, like your baby. From nutritious salad for you, lunches your family can take on the go, an easy snack to satisfy your breastfeeding cravings to foods for everyone’s comfort, your postpartum doula has you covered.

You Won’t Have to Wait to Clean Until Baby Cleans

It always seems like laundry grows exponentially when you add a baby to your household. Bottles and pump parts can easily pile up throughout the day. They say sleep when baby sleeps, so when are you supposed to clean? When baby cleans? Whether you want to be able to fully concentrate on some relaxing housekeeping or you want your postpartum doula to take over some of those chores while you focus on your baby, your postpartum doula will have you at peace with your clean and organized surroundings.

They Share a Cup of Tea With You

Are you lonely, momma? The early postpartum can be a very lonely time. Motherhood is isolating. With visitors in and out, everyone is focus 100% on your new bundle of joy. Your postpartum doula is 100% focused on you. Sit with us over a hot beverage while we laugh and cry about the triumphs and challenges of motherhood. We know it can be overwhelming. We understand the conflicting feelings your having. We know how you long for some alone time but can’t seem to put your beautiful baby down. We are here to listen, to validate, and not judge no matter your thoughts or feelings. We get it. We get you.

They Make Sure You Fill Your Own Cup

We know what it takes to be the best mom you can be and its taking the time to fill your own cup, to take care of yourself so you can be the best mom to your children. You wear a lot of hats, you’re a mother, partner, successful employee or maybe you even own your business, most importantly, you are you and that hat can be the most challenging to balance of them all. From the moment your postpartum doula arrives, you can do what you need to do to feel your best, take a shower, catch some zzz’s, or even attend your yoga class you were a regular at.

They Give You Peace of Mind

Having a postpartum doula is like having your own personal parenting instruction manual. They never tell you how to parent but help you find the best ways to parent that work best and are unique unique to your family. They are newborn and postpartum experts that can help you answer your pressing questions. “Is my baby eating enough?” Your postpartum doula is trained in all types of baby feeding methods and can reassure you whenever needed.  They  can guide you through the most challenging newborn tasks, like nail clipping. You can get the most well rested night of sleep knowing your postpartum doula is keeping a watchful eye over your newborn baby.

Yup. Postpartum doulas do that.

If you are wanting to experience an easier and less stressful postpartum experience, Mainstay Doulas and Co. has one of our professional postpartum doulas is immediately ready to meet your family’s specific needs. 

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