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5 Reasons Sex is Great While Pregnant

Feb 14, 2016 | Pregnancy, Sex

Information on all things pregnancy and birth thanks to Google. An article was posted on the NY Times website titled “Googling While Expecting“. It outlined pregnant women’s most common Google curiosities from all over the world. It’s not hard to believe sex was a common theme across the board! Questions like “is it safe to have sex while pregnant?”, “Will having sex make me go into early labor?”, and “Can sex while pregnant hurt my baby?” inevitably cross our minds. Here are 5 reasons why sex can actually be great while pregnant:
1. It May Be More Pleasurable.
Although your hormones may be telling you differently, sex during pregnancy can actually feel even better than it did pre-pregnancy. This is possible because during pregnancy you have increased blood flow to your genital area which cause engorgement. This creates heightened sensations and pleasure for you. Many women report this extra sensitivity as a turn-on. Unfortunately, this is also the reason a wax down there can be that more more excruciating when done while pregnant. So let out your wild side and go au natural! However,  if you’re finding yourself not enjoying the fuller feeling, get creative and find other activities to engage in.
2. The “Big O” is Oh So Good for Your Uterus. 
When you orgasm your body releases the love hormone,  oxytocin , which causes your uterus to contract.  When your uterus is normal sized it’s not noticeable but when you’re pregnant and your uterus is now the size of a basketball, contractions become much more noticeable. These contractions,  called Braxton Hicks, help tone your uterus which may help you have a quicker labor with more effective contractions.  As an added bonus, if your body is ready, and only IF, the surge of oxytocin may help kick start labor. So if your water hasn’t broken and you begin to feel regular contractions, my prescription to you is to get busy!
3. Help Keep Extra Pregnancy Weight Gain Away From Your Love Handles
Great sex often equals a great workout. Your health is particularly important during pregnancy and keeping active can help keep many complications away. So while a woman’s normal pregnancy weight gain can be highly variable, it is still a good idea to burn off the extra calories from indulging in those chocolate cravings you ate earlier.  
4. Because Oxytocin,  That’s Why.
We have already mentioned how oxytocin helps tone your uterus but that isn’t it’s only benefit. Regular doses of oxytocin can even help improve sleep because it is nature’s relaxant. It can also improve mood and what partner wouldn’t love for that to happen? Lastly, it can increase intimacy. This is not just because oxytocin has suddenly kicked your pregnancy induced crankiness to the curb but it’s nicknamed the love hormone because it has been linked to romantic feelings and attachment. No wonder doulas love this hormone so much!  
5. Sex Ripens Your Cervix Like a Piece of Fruit. 
It’s not the physical act of sex that helps prepare your cervix for labor in late pregnancy but the deposit of sperm. Sperm contains prostaglandins, the same prostaglandins your body naturally releases as labor approaches. These prostaglandins help thin out your cervix, which is called effacement. Your cervix becomes completely thinned out during labor. So if you’re having a normal, healthy pregnancy and your care provider has given you the green light, go ahead and get busy. Just make sure your partner doesn’t feel too used.
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