Guide to Interviewing a Pediatrician (with printable!)

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Who will you entrust to care for the health and treat the sniffles in your child?

While all pediatricians entered into this field because they truly do care for your children, they’re not all created equal when it comes to everything from wait times to their stance of various health and parenting issues. You have to find someone that you not only can trust but don’t butt heads with as well.

While you’re waiting on your little bundle of joy to arrive, you can begin your search for a pediatrician in your area, give them a call, and make an appointment to meet with them for an interview.

We’ve created a handy guide to help you ask and get answers to the right questions that will ensure you’re finding a pediatrician that suits your needs, whether that be a pediatrician that supports breastfeeding or one that is easily accessible when your children develops a fever on a Friday night.

What should you ask at an interview with a pediatrician?

Get To Know The Pediatrician

You want to know what makes them a qualified and great pediatrician. Are they board certified? Are they a part of the American Academy of Pediatrics and do they follo those guidelines and recommendations? It might be important to you that your pediatrician specialize in a specific aspect of your child’s health. If you child has a disability or illness, are they going to be sensitive and familiar with the specialized care that child will need?

Get to Know the Office

You can learn what their policies and procedures are if your child is sick during office and you give them a call. Who will you speak to? How can you reach your pediatrician directly? How quickly can they get a sick child into the office? Then, when you get to the office, are there separate waiting rooms for well and sick children? How long will you have to wait for your appointment time? These questions will help you understand if the office is convenient for your needs. Having an office that you feel can readily meet your needs comes in handy when you have a child who has been up all night coughing.

Match Your Beliefs

Every mother is passionate about the decisions she makes for her family. After all, its her family, she knows best. Having a pediatrician on board with those beliefs as well helps build trust between a mother and her child’s pediatrician. Some of the topics, like infant feeding, vaccines, and sleeping arrangements, you may want to take a mental note about how you personally feel about them and your plans and then ask them what their stance is

Your trusting this doctor to care for the future of your family, choose a good one.

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