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What We Have to Say About the Latest Parenting Article

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Doulas, Parenting, The Postpartum Period

Put down the phone…and step away from reading all the parenting articles.
One article says to pick up your baby when they start to cry but you’re bombarded with well meaning family members saying you’re going to spoil your baby. Spoiler alert! You can’t spoil a baby but sometimes we just need to step away for a minute and regroup, you know?

Then another article talks about how this study says screen time will basically turn you child into a zombie but you’re convinced you’ve seen your child’s vocabulary expand because of watching “surprise egg” videos on repeat (why are these the weirdest videos on the planet?).

But then this study says breast is best, that article says it benefits are overrated. This article preaches Cry-It-Out is abandonment but you’re wondering when the hell you’re going to be able to sleep again. This study contradicts that study. Everyone is always telling you all the different ways they got their child to sleep through the night but you really enjoy rocking your baby to sleep BUT then your mom says that’s the absolute worst way to do it.

Just. Stop.

Becoming a mom in the digital age is hard. Other moms’ highlight reels and article and blogs talking about the latest and greatest and what you should think is best for you dominates your newsfeed. Reading and listening to every piece of information is like having your mom, who did it this and you turned out fine, your grandmother, who still does it how she did it, your best friend, who is not even a mom yet, and the random lady at the grocery store, who has an opinion about everything, all shouting different advice at you in every direction. So what do you do? Who do you listen to?

After telling them to shove it (no not really), I mean nod and smile, you listen to you.

You listen to your instincts, your heart, and you head. 

Parenting isn’t about a set of rules to follow , its about learning to trust yourself. Only you can say what’s best for you and your family, not some parenting article that basically concludes what we already knew anyway. You are the only one that can give yourself permission to say “get out of here with you unrealistic expectations” and be confident in your choices.

No matter what you do as a parent, its going to be the best thing for someone and the worst thing for someone else, so you might as well just do you.

At Mainstay Doulas & Co., we believe in you to do whats best for your family which is why we happily support every decision you make regardless of whether or not we did the same with our families.



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