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Wipe Away the Fog

by | Mar 10, 2017 | Sleep | 0 comments

Sitting with my grandma one day, many years back, we jokingly realized I had had 14 jobs in the last two years. We sat there, and we counted, one by one, each like a failed experiment. She laughed.

“Where do I belong?”

This was the moment, the realization, that I hadn’t found my place in the world, I hadn’t found somewhere where I felt I fit in, where I felt fulfilled and happy, or inspired to do greater things.

I had an empty spot in my self, inside my person, my cup was empty.

The pregnancy of my daughter introduced me to the work of a doula, the non judgmental person who knows how to float about, sort of hover in and around families and facilitate the incredible journey they have embarked on. From then on, and from my personal experience of becoming a mother, I felt pulled by the profession.

“Was this it?”

Was this the rare tea I searched for, imported from far lands, so rare, with an amazing aroma, that would fill and warm my cup?

I decided to pour myself some, and it warmed me. And the more I dived into the work, the more my cup filled, the more I enjoyed the warmth I had found. I had found my place, I had found what filled my cup. Now that I had filled my cup and knew how to enjoy the warmth that radiated from it, I wanted to fill other families cups, so I help prepare cups of tea and coffee for the families I serve as a doula.

My work has evolved now, I am embarking on a new journey, extending the reach of my arms.
I am helping parents get more sleep, I help by training and coaching their babies on sleep, because the parent’s cups are empty, they have been empty for too long, and I want to help them fill them.

It is as if I am standing next to them in front of a foggy mirror. They haven’t been able to see their reflection, the reflection of who they are and who they could be, in a very long time, and they don’t know how to fix it. But I do, I can see their reflection clearly through the fog and I want to help them wipe it away. Not just help them, but show them they can learn how to wipe the fog.

Their reflection is the family they want to be, well rested, bonding, thriving, and even thought it is there, the fog makes it hard to see.

Their cup is empty.

I stand by their side, help them learn how to wipe away the fog from the mirror, as I pour and fill their cup. They slowly wipe the mirror, they look, and they finally see their reflection, as they enjoy the warmth pouring out of their cups.



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