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The Biggest Secret After Bringing Home Baby

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Doulas, Newborns, Parenting, The Postpartum Period

There is a huge secret out there about the challenges of bringing home baby that is not being said.

***Before we go any further, we should have a disclaimer.  We, too, wish we had the secret to teaching baby how to clean when you clean so when baby sleeps, you can actually sleep.  But that’s not what this blog is about, so if that’s what you’re looking for from this blog, you won’t find it. We will let you know when we figure that one out.***

Our secret is much simpler than that

You won’t find this big secret on other blogs or articles proclaiming they are about to tell you everything that nobody else tells you about bringing home baby.

What those blogs and articles might tell you is that motherhood is full of uncertainties. (did you know that?).

They’re right, it is.

Our secret is about overcoming that.

It is so simple, you may think that it can’t possibly be the answer to an easier and more positive postpartum experience. But it is.

It is that there is a special power to peace of mind in those first weeks. That peace of mind can come from someone like a best friend who knows all about the language your baby uses to tell you what they need and the normal, uncomfortable, and downright weird things that happen to your body in the postpartum period.

You need someone who is going to listen to hear you, not to just listening to respond to you. You want to share your valuable time with someone who isn’t going to judge you or have an opinion on how you birthed your baby, how you feed your baby, the type of diaper you use, where your baby sleeps, or someone that thinks they know the “best way”  to parent your baby because that’s the way they did it. You need someone who doesn’t give you the answers but realizes confidence is built in supporting you through figuring out what works best for you.

If you haven’t been home alone with your brand new baby yet, maybe you aren’t quite understanding what it actually feels like to have the full responsibility of keeping a tiny human that alive. They get your feelings from the most joyful emotions to the darkest moments and everything in between. Then they validate that these feelings are normal and you’re only human for feeling them.

Imagine if you had that best friend.

If you have already been through the ups and downs of your postpartum and taking care of a newborn, how could your experience have been different if you did have this kind of company to guide you through your biggest and smallest questions?

Bonus secret: Those types of best friends DO exist. The best friend you wish you had there everyday to learn from, celebrate with, to cry with, and to vent to is your Postpartum Doula. She’s there when you need her, how you need her, and without judgment.

Just one phone call away.

Do you want an easier postpartum experience?

Get peace of mind when your doula is there to available to your every question. You don’t have to wonder if your baby is getting enough to eat or how to start your newborn wih the healthiest sleep habits.

All you have to do is ask her.

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