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Done is Better Than Good

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Doulas, Newborns, Parenting, The Postpartum Period |

Like you probably are, I’m a mom too. I’m also a partner, a daughter, a friend. Then I️ have this “tiny” role as co-owner of Mainstay Doulas and Co. that seems to take up 99% of my day most days. Entrepreneur life, am I️ right?

It is not easy keeping up with but what keeps my sanity are the few words I️ live by:

Done is better than good and done is good enough.

It’s not that we are accepting less or lowering our standards. There are 24 hours in one day in which you have to work, keep your new tiny human alive, possibly take care of other siblings, and then complete all the mundane tasks that fill up every remaining second of our day.

Oh yeah, then there’s making time for your partner.

But wait, you also need to find time for yourself in there. Which I️ bet is usually the last to be done, if it gets done at all.

When we split ourselves at the seams, it’s easy to feel that nothing is done 100%. Like we can’t be a good enough mom, a good enough, partner, and certainly not a good enough friend. If you’re already feeling these emotions, then you’re probably also not being good enough to yourself either.

I️ see you. I’ve been there.

I’m still there. I’ll never not be there. There will always be something to keep up with, always something I️ feel that I’m not doing 100%. I’m sure through the seasons of being mom there will be an ebb and flow. Some seasons will be easier than others but overall, we will always have a huge task at hand.

So how do you push away the ever looming feelings of failure and believe that done is enough, that you are enough?

It’s not easy, but being a Postpartum Doula has taught me a lot about balancing all the different hats we wear. It’s exactly that: a balance. There is a give and a take. You cannot continuously be 100% in one area of your life without letting another area remain on the bottom, lower than all the rest. When we strive to be perfect in one area, another area suffers but when we simply just get it done, we can move on to another role that is required of us.

I️ don’t consider myself a perfectionist. That is a strength of mine, not a weakness. Because at the end of the day it allows me to put aside any anxieties about the state of the house being just not clean enough, the writing of this blog that just not perfect enough, or the fact that sometimes I️ let my kids have too much screen time. Instead, I️ get to just be me. I️ get to be the me that my kids, partner, and friends already love.

I️’m not the perfect mom, the perfect partner, daughter, friend, or even work colleague but I️ am good enough and I️ do get the job done.

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