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Bingeworthy Shows for Parental Leave

Apr 25, 2019 | The Postpartum Period | 0 comments

When becoming a new parent, it often felt like I was very busy doing nothing. Not that I was really doing nothing but feeding a baby, holding a sleeping baby, oooh-ing and ahh-ing over this brand new baby, and rocking a fussy baby all required a lot of down time. When I wasn’t soaking up every snuggle and I was done mindlessly scrolling Instagram, I enjoyed binging on my new and favorite shows.


Bring on the tears, the laughs, and moments where your heart is so warm it might just burst. This show follows the Bravermans through the ups, downs, and inside outs of dealing with life. There’s nothing like that feeling when you finish a series and have to now look for a new one. The good news about Parenthood: it might even take your entire parental leave to binge all the seasons on Netflix.

Game of Throwns

It’s not too late to catch up on what seems like everyone else’s obsession, GOT. Medieval drama not your thing? Give it a few episodes and then tell me you’re not into the character development and plot line. There’s got to be a reason people are obsessed, right? You can check it out on HBO On Demand or HBO Go.

Santa Clarita Diet

We admit this one has a bit of an ick factor BUT its hilariously light hearted and only around 20 something minutes per episode, it’s the perfect amount of time for when feeding your baby! It’s a Netflix original and stars one of our favs, Drew Barrymore.


An oldie but goodie! Dive into nostalgia when binging on this cult classic on Netflix. You can finally decide once and for all, were they on a break? #teamrachel

Schitt’s creek

Warning: do not watch this show while your baby is sleeping. We don’t know what took us so long to start watching this show but we’re so glad we did! We were LOL’ing over here, literally. Trust us, it’s not crude humor like the title might suggest. Check it out for yourself on Netflix. Don’t forget to wear a pad! While your pelvic floor still healing, you may pee a little from laughing so much. Only speaking from experience…

Queer Eye

Do you remember when Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was on TV? Well the fan five are back on Netflix and we think they’re even more fabulous than before. They makeover hair, clothing, home, and lifestyle while bringing to light some of today’s social issues. By the end, you’ll be shouting YAASSS QUEEN right along with them.

Working Moms

#relatable. Working Moms tackles topics many moms can relate to from postpartum depression and pumping at work to mom judgment. While we didn’t find all the characters totally relatable, we still enjoyed it and think its worth the watch on Netflix.

There you have it. This should be plenty to get you started. Our fingers are crossed you’re able to put your baby and give your arms a break!



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