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5 Myths About Sleep Training You Thought Were True

by | May 16, 2019 | Sleep


Sleep training your baby is selfish.

Reality check: Sleep training your baby isn’t just about you. Sleep deprivation is something that affects the entire family. It affects your moods and actions towards your partner or other children and vice versa.

Intuitively coaching your baby to sleep longer stretches is about the health and happiness of the whole family. It’s not something that you are only doing for you. Your baby needs sleep, just like you! You’re guiding them to learn to fall asleep independently and without sleep associations, a lifelong gift of good sleep.


Sleep training means Cry It Out.

Reality check: Sleep training does not equate to cry it out. Nobody wants to see their babies cry, we don’t want to see our clients’ babies cry but even the methods that promote no crying involve some crying. Its important to remember that falling asleep independently is a learned behavior, just like a baby learns breastfeeding or walking. If they aren’t getting it right away or they aren’t used to having to learn this, it’s hard for them. They cry out of frustration, not necessarily need. Sleep training can be baby led and intuitive, and works. A well-rested baby is a happy baby!


Sleep training your baby makes them lose trust in you.

Reality check: Often times, it’s not the parents that sleep train their babies that have attachment issues with their babies. The sleep deprived parents are the ones that are feeling resentment after getting up for the 4th time and it’s only 2am. We know you would do anything for your baby. That’s why it’s so scary when these negative feelings arise in the middle of the night. You love your baby but through the eyes of sleep deprivation, it’s really hard. Getting an adequate amount of sleep at night gives you your time and energy back allowing you to enjoy and bond with your family and new baby.


Sleep deprivation is normal when you become a parent.

Reality check: When did it become the norm for parents to strive for getting the most amount of things done on the least amount of sleep? While some sleep deprivation is normal and expected when you become a parent, it’s up to you where you draw the line between normal and unhealthy and choose to do something about it. Maybe you’re going back to work where lives depend on your full focus or you’re suffering from postpartum depression and lack of sleep is likely exacerbating the problem by a lot. Sleep training your baby is a choice you, your family, and your baby’s care providers need to decide together. Sleep deprivation doesn’t have to be a long term reality.


Cosleeping is the answer to getting more sleep.

Reality check: While this may work for some, cosleeping is definitely not one size fits all. Many parents don’t feel its safe enough with the baby in their bed. For others it results in even less sleep. It is even ok that some parents have decided that having child in bed with them it not a parenting choice they decide is right for them. It’s not always the answer. 

Now that we have reassured you that you can love your baby and sleep train them, when you’re ready to begin sleeping through the night apply for our complimentary sleep assessment and see how the Mainstay Sleep Method can work for your family.



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