More Than Childbirth Education

Gain the tools and knowledge you need to have a birth experience you will cherish for a lifetime. In this childbirth education experience you will discover, what aspects are important to you and your birth, only the physiology you need to know to understand the birthing process and put your fears to ease, communication techniques to communicate your birth plan with your family and care team, comfort techniques geared toward any type of birth you desire, and navigating the early postpartum days. Have all your questions answered, like:
How will I know when I’m in labor?

What can my partner do to help me get comfortable?

When should I leave for the hospital?

What should I expect when I’m in labor?

How do I make a birth plan?

What about when things don’t go as planned?

What pain relief options are available?

What happens after I have my baby?

Group Classes

September 17th and 24th 7-9:30pm

October 15th and 22nd 7-9:30pm

November 12th and 19th 7-9:30pm

All group classes are held at FemCare OBGYN

7800 SW 87th Ave suite a-120, Miami, FL 33173

2 Days, 2.5 Hours  l  $100 per couple

Private Classes

With private childbirth education classes, you get a childbirth class that is customized the the birth and experience you desire. Choose only the topics from the list above that you feel are important for you to know.

Pricing ranges from $200-$560 and is dependent on the topics you decide to cover.


-Birth partner communication

-Birth preferences writing

-Common pregnanct complaints

-Nutrition and weight gain

-Common prenatal testing

-Fetal positions

-Signs of labor

-3 stages of labor

-Comfort measures

-Medical pain relief

-Common labor interventions

-The hours after birth


Ready to Create Your Ideal Experience?

Whether you are looking for a birth doula, postpartum doula, overnight care, prenatal classes, placenta encapsulation,  breastfeeding support, or someone to answer your every question about this whole pregnancy and parenting experience we are here to serve you.


Our Support for All Birth and Parenting Choices

Babies Don't Come with a Manual.


Mainstay Doulas & Co. offers birth doulas, postpartum doulas, placenta encapsulation, gentle sleep training, childbirth education, newborn care classes, prenatal breastfeeding classes, and lactation supportall at your finger tips.



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