Love Letters

I really and truly can’t thank Jenn enough for all she did for me. I still get emotional thinking about it. I could never have done it without her. You’re a real life gaurdian of birth. There just aren’t enough words.” -Kat B.

Jennifer is wonderful! I had the pleasure of meeting her for the first time in July and I got to experience first hand her compassion and skill. She is a fantastic doula and you won’t be disappointed when you hire her. -Tiffany S.

Jennifer del Sol

Certified Lactation Educator Counselor l Birth & Postpartum Doula l Childbirth Educator

With 10 years experience serving families in multiple capacities and her tremendous passion for helping families through the birth and postpartum experience, Jenn is considered an amazing asset to all who engage in her services. Her desire to help families connect and grow together through compassionate and non-judgmental support, has allowed her the opportunity to utilize her expertise in birth, postpartum and more specifically lactation. Jennifer del Sol is a Lactation Consultant sitting for her boards in April 2018, Certified Lactation Educator Counselor, and a birth and postpartum doula in Miami. She began her studies in birth and lactation with University of California San Diego in 2013 and renewed her doula skill set with ProDoula in July 2015. With a passion for helping women and families succeed, her training in multiple maternity support areas, makes her a well rounded expert in birth, the postpartum, and newborn care. When Jenn is not tending to other families, she is enjoying time with her husband, Pedro, and chasing around her zesty 4 year old, Cosette, nearly 1 year old, Sebastian, and their Italian Greyhound.


May 2014 – Birth Doula Training – DONA

September 2014- Certified Lactation Educator Counselor- University of California San Diego

July 2015- Labor Doula -ProDoula

July 2015- Postpartum Doula- ProDoula

October 2015 BLS/First Aid Certified

October 2015- IBCLC Internship- Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

January 2016- Childbirth Education Training- Your Birth Experience

January 2017- IBCLC Internship- Memorial Hospital West

June 2017- Certifcated Lactation Consultant – University of California San Diego



Fun Facts

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I am picking two places for this question. First, I would travel to Germany and then I would head on over to Spain. I would love to see where each of mine and my husbands family come from, learn more about our backgrounds, and then take what we’ve learned and be able to pass that knowledge on to our children. 
What was your dream job growing up?
I had always wanted to be a veterinarian. Animal Planet was on constantly at my house when I was young. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else…until I got my own dog. Then I decided some aspects of the job were just way to much for me to handle emotionally. 
If you could live in a book, tv show, or movie,what would it be?
Harry Potter. My other dream job when I was growing up wasto be a witch. I wanted to experience the magic and then the books and movies got to make it all come to life for me. 
Who is your personal hero?
I don’t think I have just one personal hero. I think I sometimes try to look for perfection but am always reminded that no one is perfect. Instead, I admire certain strengths of different people, like I really love how Lady Gaga is unapolagetically herself and I love to admire my husband’s work ethic. Then I strive to be on their level. 
If you could have any super power, what would it be? 
I would love to fly. It seems like the most relaxing super power ever. 

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