Easing the transition into parenthood while everyone wonders how you do it all.

Postpartum Doulas

The Benefits of Mainstay Doulas & Co. Postpartum Support

Mainstay Doulas and Co. professional postpartum doulas are immediately ready to meet your family’s specific needs. You are our priority. With us by your side, we can help you navigate the many new decisions and ease your transition into parenthood. With a wider knowledge base than night nurses or nannies and professional credentials, our doulas are experts in newborn care, infant feeding,your postpartum recovery and are ready to help you and your family have an easier and less stressful postpartum experience.

Hands On Help

  • Mainstay Postpartum Doulas lighten your load by helping you check off your to do list. Whether it be light housekeeping, meal planning and prepping, sibling care, or errands we can focus on the background while you focus on yourself and your baby.
  • Your doula is an expert on newborn care and can assist with caring for your newborn as much as needed. From helping with swaddling, diapering, bathing and the dreaded nail cutting, we’re the newborn care manual they say newborns don’t come with.
  • Your Mainstay Postpartum Doula knows that fed is best and can help you recognize infant feeding cues and encourage you feed your baby in way that offers both nutrition and a way to bond.
  • If you choose to breastfeed, your Mainstay Postpartum Doula is trained to help you reach your breastfeeding goals, troubleshoot early issues, and refer to a trained IBCLC when necessary.
  • Your Mainstay Postpartum Doula is an expert in your postpartum care and recovery. She is trained to recognize the signs of a healthy vaginal or cesarean recovery and ready to encourage you to contact your care provider if signs begin to veer from the norm.
  • You Mainstay Postpartum Doula can help you put the systems in place that makes your life easier, so you can be confident you have it all together, even when we aren’t there.
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Having a baby changes everything. You don’t have to give up feeling like yourself after bringing home your baby. Your Mainstay Postpartum Doula can help you confidently balance all your roles so you really can have it all.

Luxurious Support

  • Mainstay Doulas & Co. takes care of your family, so you can feel your best.
  • We know that to be the best mother you can be, having some YOU time is a necessity.
  • We come with no agenda or opinion on how you should care for your family. You can expect that your parenting goals are our top priority and we are ready to help you reach them.
  • Your Mainstay Postpartum Doula is an expert in newborn care, postpartum issues, and parenting. She will be a seamless addition to your family.

Customizable Packages

  • Mainstay Doulas & Co. knows your family is unique. We have completely customizable packages that offer both short term care or something a little more long term.
  • We offer a wide range of options from 4 hour shifts to offer a helping hand to 24/7 live-in care to fully ease the transition into parenthood.
  • Get more sleep with overnight care whether you’re bottle feeding or breastfeeding. We know how to maximize your sleep time regardless of feeding method.

Learn more about how postpartum doulas can help you have a better postpartum experience.

Love Letters

We came across Jennifer in a breastfeeding preparation class and a baby 101 class. She was great, very patient and understanding during these courses. We also used Jennifer as a postpartum doula for a few nights a week post birth. Unfortunately I had very serious postpartum depression when the baby was only 6-weeks old and Jenifer & Lila’s support was crucial for us. With no family around they were amazingly helpful for months in helping us deal with the situation and slowly transitioning to normality. I don’t think we could have made it without them. Thank you so much Jennifer and Lila – you were awesome!!!

Postpartum Client

Mainstay Doulas & Co. is immediately ready to meet your family’s specific needs. Help is on the way!

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